The Guilin Four Lakes Cruise

Guilin’s ancient waterway system was again fully reconstructed in the year 2000. The lakes are now again all connected and are also linked to the Li River and its tributary; the Peach Blossom River. As a result, you can take a yacht along the 4 lakes at night to view the famous Elephant Flag Hill, Fubo Hill and Folded Brocade Hill. This cruise and the Dream Like Lijiang Night Show are among the most popular activities in the city.

The four lakes are Mulong (Wooden Dragon) Lake, Gui (Sweet Scented Osmanthus) Lake, Rong (Banyan) Lake and Shan (Fir) lake. They are intersected with bridges and pavilions and are surrounded by plants. At night, the city takes on another dimension with tasteful lighting enhancing the architectural style and seemingly dancing in the water. You can see western influence combined with more traditional elements drawn from different periods in Chinese history.

This cruise is pleasant and relaxing although if you are short of time, it would be more of a priority to take the famous cruise up the Li River to Yangshuo. This is a mainstay of any of the tours in the area.

Pagodas at Shan Lake

The Pagodas at Shan Lake

The Glass Bridge at Banyan Lake

The Glass Bridge at Banyan Lake

Stone Bridge over Gui Lake

Stone Bridge over Gui Lake

Mulong Lake

Mulong Lake

Video of the city by Night

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