Ancient Villages of Yangshuo County

Liugong Village

This village is of Puyi Township in Yangshuo County. It is located near the Li River around 13 km along the main road from Yangshuo. It’s also around 13 km from Yanghuo if you travel along the river by bamboo boat.

Usually people take a bamboo boat or go kayaking along this stretch of the river. There are some great views of the mountains and you don’t see too many tourists here. This ancient village has buildings dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties, some of which are over 600 years old.

Liugong Village Liugong Village

There is a Pagoda, temple and cave located at points around the village. The mountains are covered in lush vegetation which clings to the sheer karst rock faces. Paddy fields and orange groves surround the village. The remote location and the fact it is away from the typical tourist routes make this a picturesque and tranquil place to visit.

On the outskirts of the village, a small mountain road leads up to some great views of the Li River winding its way to the horizon. There are some great locations to take photos here.

Langzi Village

This village is 8 km away from Gaotian Town. Tourists don’t know about this village. Last year, I found this village whilst exploring this area with two good friends of mine. We rented a took took because the road can be quite narrow. We were all surprised at how beautiful and quiet this village is and how an authentic way of life had been preserved here.

Langzi Village langzi Village

Jiuxin Village

This small village is located around 500 metres from the Yulong River and 5 km from Yangshuo. It was built in the Tang Dynasty around 1500 years ago. This used to be the main town in this area before people relocated to Yanghshuo (The name Jiuxi means old and important town). The local government in the Tang Dynasty dictated that Yangshuo was to become the new trading base of the county.

Jiuxin Village

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