Chinese Paintings in Yangshuo

Chinese painting is one of the oldest artistic traditions. Representational painting dates back to the Warring States period (403-221 B.C). This was when artists first started to depict the world around them.

Chinese paintings will typically be hung or mounted on scrolls which can then be rolled up. The Chinese brush and ink as well as mineral and vegetable pigments are also distinctive.

In ancient times writing, as well as painting, was done on silk. However, after the invention of paper in the 1st Century CE silk was gradually replaced by the new and cheaper material.

Chinese Landscape painting

Chinese Landscape Painting. (Xeiyi style).

An experienced and skilled painter must develop excellent control of the brush, since a work is usually completed in one go. Subtlety, planning and care are all required, since changes cannot be made to the piece.

A variety of different strokes varying from dark to light and solid to hollow can be employed. These brush strokes are used to render a human figure or bring to life a subject from nature.

The are two main types of Chinese painting:

Gongbi (Meticulous) which is characterized by its attention to detail and very fine brushwork.

Xeiyi (Freehand) which is distinguished by its bold strokes. Chinese paintings and Chinese calligraphy are irrevocably linked. A Chinese painter will often also be a poet and calligrapher. A poem will commonly accompany a painting.

Chinese Painting

Mulan's Tours can take you to some of the galleries in the area. You can also visit renowned local artists to see them at work and even take a class in Chinese painting or calligraphy.

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