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Guilin Yuzi Paradise

Yuzi Paradise Sculpture Park: This beautiful location near Guilin houses a large collection of contemporary art. It is situated in a great spot on the banks of the Li River. It is connected to the Hotel of Modern Art which is the most luxurious hotel in the region.

Guilin Crown Cave Crown Cave: This underground system of connected caves is located in Caoping Hui village on the Li River. It is a very popular attraction in the area and receives many tourists every year.

Guilin Solitary Beauty Peak Solitary Beauty Peak: This hill is around 45 minutes walk from the centre of the city and is a popular tourist attraction. Famous statues and monuments can also be found within the grounds as well as the mansion of Prince Jinjiang

Guilin Mausoleum of Prince Jingjiang The Mausoleum of Prince Jingjiang: Located around 7 kilometres from the centre of the city, this is the burial site of the descents of the Royal Jingjiang house. More than 300 tombs are spread out ove ran area of 100 square kilometres.

Longsheng Hot Springs Longsheng Hot Springs: Located around 132 kilometres to the north-west of the city, the resort also has a well known luxury hotel. It provides an ideal mountain setting for people to rest and recharge their batteries.

Guilin 8 Angle Mountains and Zijiang River 8 Angle Mountains and Zijiang River: Located around 107 km from the city centre, this area is one of the main scenic areas located in Ziyuan County. The county lies in the northeast region of Guangxi Province. The scenery here is truly stunning!

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