Guilin Food

Guilin has a rich variety of local delicacies to wet the appetite. There are several main areas for sampling the local cuisine: Binjiang Lu Food Street; Zhongshan Road, Putuo Lu Food Street; Jiefang Xilu Food Street; Zhishan Lu Food Street and Food city nearby the former.

Guilin Rice Noodles Guilin Rice Noodles: A very famous and popular dish. Usually eaten for breakfast or lunch or a morning or early afternoon snack. The first Emperor Qinshihuang brought labourers from the north of China to dig the Ling Canal. These workers were used to eating noodles, so cooks prepared rice in the shape of noodles.

Guilin Lipu Tarot Pork Lipu Taro Pork: This is mainly made from pork, lipu taro and preserved bean curd. The Pork and taro are cut into cubes and fried individually. They are later steamed together until they are a golden brown colour.

Guilin Lo Han Boiled Chicken Lo Han Boiled Chicken: This dish is steamed with Chinese herbs such as milk vetch, Lo Han Kuo and Dang Shen. This dish is said to help people suffering from stress and high blood pressure.

Guilm Stewed Duck with Gingko Stewed Duck with Gingko: The main ingredients are duck meat(cubed), Gingko and slices of ham, which are steamed together. The finished dish is a light soup with tender duck meat complementing the gingko.

Guilin Shredded Meat with Osmanthus Shredded Meat with Osmanthus: Meat is shredded and then fried with scented osmanthus (which comes from the famous Osmanthus trees in Guilin) Osmanthus trees are particularly beautiful in Autumn and the city derives its name from them.

Guilin Stewed Clams and Chicken Stewed Clams with Chicken: A porcelain pot is filled with clams, chicken, preserved longan, and covered and then cooked for two hours. This dish is said to be good for coughs and colds.

Steamed Pork with Rice Flour Wrapped in Lotus Leaves Steamed Pork with Rice Flour Wrapped in Lotus Leaves: The Pork is boiled and then stir-fried with soy sauce which has been dipped in mung bean flour. It is then wrapped in a lotus leaf and then steamed.

Guilin Oil Tea Oil Tea: The ethnic minorities of the region, including the Miao, Yao and Dong people, often enjoy Oil tea. It is renowned for its medicinal qualities. Many people throughout the area like oil tea especially Gongcheng oil-tea from the county, which is named after a county of Guilin.


Guilin Water Sticky Rice

Water Sticky Rice Cake: This is a very popular snack in the Guilin area. The sticky rice is rolled into balls and cooked in bamboo steamers. Fillings can include lotus-seed paste, mung bean paste sesame, and osmanthus (tea olive) sugar.

Guilin Sticky Rice Dumplings Sticky Rice Dumplings: Glutinous rice is soaked and then mixed with a variety of fillings which can include sesame paste, mung bean paste, osmanthus flower sugar, coconut paste or different kinds of meat. Glutinous rice is soaked and then combined with these fillings. The final result is wrapped in a bamboo leaf and steamed.

Guilin Sticky Rice with Mung Bean Sticky Rice with Mung Bean: Balls of glutinous rice are stuffed with mung bean paste and sticky rice and fried with shallots and sesame. Sometimes, they can be stuffed with sausage or boiled beef.

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