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A Dong Minority

6 Day Minority Tour This tour combines some of the most famous minority areas of Guizhou with the attractions of Guilin and Yangshuo. If you don't have time to take one of the longer tours, this trip enables you to see some of the best scenery while still learning about the different ethnic minority groups.

Wind and Rain Bridge 7 Day Minority Tour This tour allow you to spend two days in Yangshuo to view the main attractions. However, it focuses extensively on the other minority areas and is ideal for people wanting to get off the beaten track and view some breathtaking and remote locations.

Chejiang Drum Tower 9 Day Minority Tour This tour really is the complete experience, taking in Yangshuo, Guilin and the minority areas! If you have time, this trip really is an unforgettable experience and promises to give you a unique insight into the way of life of several different cultural groups.

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Clip from 'BBC Wild China' showing the Miao Minority

The Main Ethnic Minorities Of Guangx and Guizhou Provinces

The Zhuang Minority

The Zhuang Ethnic Minority. This large cultural group mainly resides in Guangxi Province. They are famous for their skills in handicrafts and the warm welcome they offer to guests.

The Yao Ethnic Minority in Longsheng The Yao Ethnic Minority The Yao people are spread across many Provinces and are divided into many branches. The women are famous for their long hair which they tie up around their heads.

The Miao Ethnic Minority The Miao Ethnic Minority. The Miao people are one of the largest ethnic groups. They are famous for their jewelry and other handicrafts as well their festivals.

The Dong Ethnic Minority The Dong Ethnic Minority. The Dong people are most famous for their architectural feats including an array of Wind and Rain Bridges and Drum Towers. They are also deeply religous people.

Video showing the many ethnic groups in China.

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