Study Mandarin Chinese in Yangshuo with Janie Chen

More than six years ago, Janie Chen, certified Mandarin language teacher, arrived in Yangshuo’s beautiful region. She has devoted herself to teaching Mandarin to its backpackers, expats, and tourists. Whether you are visiting for a few days or several weeks, months, or even years, Yangshuo’s most devoted Mandarin teacher has the passion and flexibility to adjust the courses to suit your needs.

Intensive courses for mastering Mandarin - the official language of China -, quick and short introductions into the Mandarin language and culture, or a survival Mandarin course…choose what makes YOU comfortable! Just contact Janie via her website to work out the details or if you have any questions.

Learning Mandarin in Yangshuo is a wonderful experience. Its region is world-renowned for its beauty, friendly and welcoming people, breath-taking scenery of the fields and rivers, and villages offering views and memories for a lifetime!

Janie Yangshuo

About Janie

Janie Chen graduated as a Mandarin teacher from Beijing Language and Culture University. She has more than six years experience teaching Mandarin as a second language. She also holds a diploma in Educational English which enhances the student’s learning experience. Janie also has taught abroad for several months: in the Netherlands, and in Singapore.

Teaching Mandarin and helping people understand Chinese culture are her passions. Creatively, Janie keeps her lessons fun and interesting, accessible to young and old alike.

She participates in summer camps for young international students studying Chinese.

About the courses

While visiting historical venues, scenic attractions, the countryside, and local families, Janie’s courses will make your vacation and studies a uniquely unforgettable experience. Janie’s courses focus on listening and speaking. Students can choose to learn how to read and write Chinese as well. Learners’ personality traits and varied needs will be considered so that the course(s) are customized. This sets Janie Chen apart from other Mandarin teachers. Depending on the type of course you select, Janie will take students to practice with local people after the lessons and/or give you short homework to help you retain the knowledge learned in class.

Courses are one on one or in small groups (no more than 4 students). It is important for Janie to be able to devote herself to her students and give them her full attention.

More information

For more detailed information about Janie, her courses or to contact Janie, please refer to her website : . You can also contact her directly via her e-mail address : janiechinese at gmail dot com.

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