Tai Chi: The Yangshuo School

Master Huang Hua (Henry) is the Head of Yangshuo Tai Chi School and one of the most senior level Chen Style Tai Chi masters currently in China. He has 20 years experience both teaching and refining his technique. He has also won numerous Tai Chi competitions.

He has previously trained directly under the guidance of Wang Xi An who is the most renowned practitioner of Tai Chi in China. He has also studied with Cheng Zhen Lei who is considered to be a leading Tai Chi master in China.

Tai Chi in Yangshuo Tai Chi Yangshuo

Henry was fond of Tai Chi as a child where he began to learn Yang and Chen-style Tai Chi from the age of 10. Over the last 20 years he has taught thousands of Western and Chinese students. He is self-disciplined and practices regularly. It is through this approach that he has become a master in the Tai Chi free-style fistfight and wrestling; the art of attack and defence; and has given many lectures on the principals of Tai Chi throughout Asia. His friendly and easy-going nature complements his dedication to his art.


● Tai Chi Introduction ● Tai Chi For Health ● Tai Chi For Combat ● Tai Chi Forms ● Tai Chi Philosophy and Principles ● Tai Chi Fengshui ● Tai Chi Teacher Training ● Tai Chi Holidays

Tai Chi Introduction

For the 1-4 Week Course, we teach:

Tai Chi Warm up, Tai Chi meditation (Stand and Walk), The Eight basic movements, Tai Chi Forms: 8 Form, 18 Form, 24 Form.

Tai Chi For Health

For the 1-4 Week Course, we teach:

Tai Chi Qi gong, Tai Chi silk reeling,Tai Chi foundation,

Tai Chi For Combat

For the 1-12 Week Course, we teach:

Push hands, Shuai jiao, Qin na, San da,

Tai Chi Forms

For the 1-48 Week Course, we teach:

Hua Style, Chen Style, Yang Style, Wu Style, Sun Style,

Tai Chi Philosophy and Principles

For the 1 Week Course, we teach:

Tai Chi BodyTai Chi MindTai Chi SpiritTai Chi HistoryTai Chi Culture

Tai Chi Fengshui

For the 1 -3 Day Course, we teach:

Fengshui for living, Fengshui for business,

Tai Chi Teacher Training

For the 6 Month Course, we teach:

Tai Chi Foundation, Tai Chi Forms (Hua, Chen, Yang Style), Tai Chi Philosophy and principles, Tai Chi Combat (Push hands, Shuai jiao, Qin na, San da)

Course Fees

1. Tuition only

Weekly tuition- Y1000

Monthly tuition- Y3500

2. Tuition and accommodation

Dormitory accommodation

Weekly- Y1300

Monthly- Y4000

Class 1 hotel

Weekly- Y1500

Monthly- Y4500 (CHEAP HOTEL)

Class 2 hotel

Weekly- Y2500

Monthly- Y7500 (NICE HOTEL)

3. Teacher Training

If you wish to be a teacher and promote Tai Chi and want to be next part of the next generation of advanced tai chi practitioners.

Tuition and accommodation for half year- Y15000

4. Tai Chi Fengshui

800 Yuan per day.

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