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See below for useful tips and travel advice for Guilin and Yangshuo.

Banks, ATMs and Money

Both Bank of China and ICBC (International and Commercial Bank of China) have branches and ATMs in Guilin and Yangshuo. These banks offer the most reliable ATM service.

The two main branches of the Bank of China in Yangshuo are especially geared to help foreign travelers. In particular the branch at the end of West Street (next to KFC) is staffed with fluent English speakers.

The other branch on Penato Road deals with wire transfers. Go to the branch in West Street for typical banking services for tourists. This branch also changes cash and deals with travelers cheques. However, please note that you cannot change Hong Kong dollars here.

It is definitely advisable to bring cash and travelers cheques with you (American Express or Thomas Cook in US$ recommended). It is not sensible to rely exclusively on the use of a debit or credit card, since problems with accepting cards can happen. It is also advisable to let your bank know you are traveling, so they don’t believe your card has been stolen and freeze withdrawals.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

There is also a centre for Chinese Traditional Medicine run by Doctor Lily in Yangshuo. This offers a range of treatments including massage and acupuncture etc. Doctor Lily has a good reputation and has been practicing for many years.


The Guilin and Yangshuo area is a sub-tropical zone with good weather most of the year round. Click here for more travel advice regarding the weather in the region.


There are several internet cafes around the centre of Guilin although they can be a little difficult to find.

In Yangshuo, there are also many that are easier to seek out.Guilin is a little more expensive, but you can expect to pay anything from 2 to 10 RMB per hour. Most of the bars, cafes and restaurants have a computer with an ADSL connection that you can use for free. Many also now offer wireless internet, if you have a laptop.

Thieves and Pickpockets

If you take a bus between Guilin and Yangshuo watch out for pickpockets. Make sure you secure anything valuable about your person as the pickpockets who operate on this route can be quite skilled.

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