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Yangshuo Yulong River

The Yulong River: The Yulong River boasts some of the most spectacular scenery in Yangshuo and is a must see for anyone spending more than a day in the town. It is a popular destination to cycle to as well and visitors can also take bamboo boat cruises.

Yangdi near Yangshuo Yangdi: Yangdi is a an old village situated in a beautiful location next to the Li River. It is popular among photographers and hikers in particular. Both often follow the hiking trail and take river cruises between Xingping and Yangdi.

Yangshuo Green Lotus Peak Green Lotus Peak: Green Lotus Peak is the most well-known hill in Yangshuo and is very popular among visitors because of the great views from the top. Pictures of this peak can often be viewed in famous photographs of the area.

Yangshuo Shangrila Shangrila: Shangrila showpieces the customs and culture of the ethnic minorities in the area. It is a great place to take photos of the peach trees and paddy fields lining the Li river. The traditional buildings also add charm to the rural setting.

Yangshuo Nine Horse Mural Hill Nine Horse Mural Hill: The hill is located next to the Li River and is said to resemble Nine horse in different poses. Tourists have fun trying to see how many such shapes they can see within the rock face. The hill is also popular with tourists and photographers alike.

Yangshuo Shutong Hill Shutong Hill: This small hill is only ten metres high and is the smallest karst peak in the area. It is also quite commonly seen in photos of Yangshuo in books ond on the internet. The best photos can be taken from boats on the Li River.

Yangshuo Snail Hill Snail Hill: This hill stands out quite strikingly to anyone taking a cruise along the Li River. There is actually a cave and a nunnery at the base of the peak, although most people just take in the great view as they pass by by boat.

Yangshuo Park Yangshup Park: The local government recently spent money upgrading the park and have also dropped the entrance fee. It is a popular place for children to play, students to study English and for old people to meet. There are one particular mountains that has two good viewing points.

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