Cycling in Yangshuo

Cycling along the many trails around Yangshuo really is a great experience which is often fondly recalled by travellers who have journeyed throughout China. Some of the routes are very popular and stay close to main roads. Moon Hill, the Big Banyan Tree and the Yulong River are easily accessible although there are other areas and paths that are more off the beaten track. You can also incorporate rock climbing and caving into many of the bicycle tours around the area. You can rent a bicycle in many rental stalls for 10 to 30 Yuan depending on the quality of the bike and the season.

Cycling Tours

Cycling along the Yulong River

Mulan's Cycling Tours: Mulan Zhang has used her knowledge of the local area and consulted with cycling enthusiasts to create these tours. They range from easy to strenous in difficulty. They allow visitors to view the most impressive scenery at a leisurely pace or really get off the beaten track.

Suggested Routes

Route 1

After about 10 minutes you can get out of the town and out in the countryside heading towards the Yulong River. Of all the places to go swimming in Yangshuo, this river provides the best spots.

You will pass several villages before you head along the river to the Big Banyan tree and Moon Hill. The karst mountain landscape is pretty spectacular! You can go back a different way along some trails or you can take the main road back to the town.

Cycling next to the Yulong River

Route 2

Visit the ancient town of Fuli. You can board a boat with your bicycle which takes you across the river to another village and then back to the town along the countryside paths.

Fuli Old Town near Yangshuo

Route 3

Head along the main road to Xingping. This takes 4 or 5 hours and is quite an arduous route. Then head to Yangdi from Xingping along the river. The most beautiful riverside scenery in the area is visible along this stretch of water.

You can take your bike aboard a fishing boat and enjoy a short river cruise back to Xingping. It's then possible to load your bike on the bus back to Xingping. However, if you are a really serious cyclist you can ride back!


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