Yangshuo: Green Lotus Peak

It is the most famous hill in Yangshuo and is located just south of the town. It is also known as Jianshan Hill (Mirror Hill) and Shouyang Mountain. The peak is said to resemble a water lily rising out of the river.

The views from the top are superb. Professional Photographers and tourists often take pictures here with Spring and Autumn being the best seasons. The climb up to the top is not particularly difficult although there are some steep parts. Those undertaking the climb should be careful and definitely wear appropriate footwear.

Green Lotus Peak in Yangshuo

The best place to view the peak is from View Lotus Bridge. It was constructed in 1978 and is decorated with stone reliefs that portray the landscape of the area. There is also a carved inscription at the end of the bridge stating that “this is a place to observe the lotus.”

You can find the path that leads up to the peak on Pantao road.

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