Yangshuo Attractions

Buddha Cave in Yangshuo

Yangshuo Caves: This area is famous for its rich variety of subterranean underground networks. There's the opportunity to take a mud bath, navigate underground streams by boat and even do some climbing.

Zhoubi Peak inYangshuo Zhuobi Peak: Zhoubi Peak lies next to the Li River in the southeast of Yangshuo. It stands out among the hills in Yangshuo and is a popular subject of photographs.

Goatian in Yangshuo County Gaotian: This area is located within the Moon Hill scenic area between. The Yulong River meets with the Jinbao River before joining the Li. It's a peaceful and idyllic location.

Laizhai Hill in Xingping Laizhai Hill: This hill overlooks the wharf at Xingping town. It rises up sharply making the view from the top particularly suitable for potographs. You can climb up steps leading to the top.

Huang Bu Shoal in Xingping Huang Bu Shoal: This is a great spot to take photos. Some of the boatmen are familiar with it and are accustomed to taking photographers out from Xingping wharf. It's also located close to other scenic points along the Li River.

Xiangong Hill near Xingping Xiangong Hill: This hill is another great place to take photos along the Li River. The best way to get here is to take a boat from Xingping wharf. It is a truly serene and magical spot.

Langshi village near Xingping Langshi: This small riverside village is famous for the array of karst peaks that surround it as well as the cormorant fishing. It is a particularly beautiful area.

jinbao River in Yangshuo County The Jinbao River: The Jinbao River winds around the karst peaks and some great scenic points including Gaotian and the Big Banyan Tree. The river is also a tributary of the Li River.

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